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Use LNG or lose money – the example of Iran

Let me give you some figures straight. Iran consumes a little more than 30 billion liters of diesel fuel per year in order to keep its economy chugging on (pulled that from Google). I am not even talking about gasoline here. Because much of the same rationale I will be unfolding in this post also […]


The unholy alliance

In September 1815, 3 leading powers of the 19th century Europe signed a document that gave birth of the so-called holy alliance. At the behest of Alexander I of Russia, the rules of Austria and Prussia decided that the revolutionary idea fomented in the French revolution should be suffocated wherever it rises. God given rights […]


FLNG – great technology, wrong business model

This blog is almost two years old now and I have been asked multiple times why I avoided the F-word. Let’s clear up that misconception right now – I am not avoiding it. There only was so much else happening in energy that gave me more thrills than Floating LNG. And here we go right […]


We must get off Russian gas – and it’s not because of Putin or Ukraine

News on another potential Russian gas crisis is galore. Not a week without page filling analysis if Russia will cut the gas or Ukrainians will simply resort to stealing or, or, or. All this commenting on the troubles between Russia and Ukraine masks another, much more serious issue, which threatens European gas supply security much […]


The true price of LNG

Multiple times since I have turned into the Putbull, I have faced the same questions. How do I get myself into the LNG business? How will I get LNG spot cargos or even a term commitment? What shall I do to get ready for LNG or to get ready for the next big thing in […]


No filter will save us – particulate matter kills

Anyone knowing this blog and me sure knows the rationale. Diesel is garbage that is incinerated in a driving waste processing plant (the diesel engine). This produces huge amounts of highly toxic side products, which reach us through the exhaust shaft of the vehicle. Much of it reaches our lungs and some of them (the […]


Dealing with Russia – what makes sense for European gas

It is hard to ignore Russia in today’s newscast and even those not interested in European energy policy become acutely aware that we Europeans utterly depend on them, the folks from the East, for a large part of our energy security. This is a house of cards built on sand, but not so much for […]


The Danube river – from backwater to energy artery

Some days ago I met an old couple from Düsseldorf in the tram. They were on a Danube cruise from Düsseldorf through the Rhine, the Main, the Rhine-Main-Danube channel and all the Danube river down to the Black Sea and back. That’s an impressively long trip through the mightiest inland waterway system of Europe. They […]


The shape of things to come – Methanopolis

Robert Kennedy said in a 1966 Cape town speech “There is a Chinese curse which says ‘May he live in interesting times.’ Like it or not we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also more open to the creative energy of men than any other time in […]


LNG startup companies and the investors game

No cash – no business. That’s stone old wisdom. Any LNG venture – even a smallish fuelling outfit – needs a certain amount of cash to get rollin. Most people don’t have the necessary cash on their bank account so that gets you into the investor’s game. I had a couple of business ventures in […]


The value of bad news – only good news is toxic

Too much good news can kill an otherwise perfectly healthy project as it raises a lot of alarm bells. Those problems are not to be taken lightly and need careful planning and constant calibrating of the project. But denying that it’s there is not going to make things better as educated partners, customers, officials and investors will not miss out on it.


Forget hydrogen – here comes biomethane

Hydrogen is often being touted the final solution to all our problems with vehicles and pollution. It does not produce CO2 (at least not directly) and for that fact alone its the darling of the tree huggers. But reality – as so very often – is much more complex. On balance hydrogen is not really the stuff you want in your tank and it comes at a very heavy price.