Give to get – a winning way in LNG

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We all know the quote from Einstein. But that’s what happens in LNG all the time. Here is an alternative proposal.

The China LNG story – more toxic than the US story was

The US seems to be on the verge of becoming an LNG exporter. This, combined with new volumes from Australia, show the prospect of Asia being drowned in LNG. But there is a shiny white knight on the horizon. China with its ever-growing industries, with its endlessly expanding consumer markets, with its insatiable thirst for energy promises to become the new LNG El Dorado.

Behold the future and marvel

The future of energy will not be the linear continuation of the past. It will be a wild, twisted and contorted process and man, will it be exciting. The world will look very different from now 20 years down the road.

LNG in the Black Sea – a pipedream?

The Ukraine has a LNG problem. It’s a major blunder and it looks like LNG in the region is doomed. As strange as it sounds, there might be a bright future for LNG in the Black Sea still.

European energy utilities are traders now – an oxymoron

Ten years ago, the European Union embarked on its own journey to Oz by reforming its energy markets. It successively broke the chains of hundreds of millions energy customers from monopoly utilities dictatorship and changed the very nature of the energy business. Suddenly, everyone wanted to be a trader.

The power of pain – LNG newbies in trouble

New LNG capacity owners find themselves in excruciating economic pain. They have only themselves to blame but this crazy situation might hold the seeds for them, to become the superstars of the gas age. Or else they die.

Gas price formulas and the Big Mac Index

Oil price links are finally coming to an end in Europe. In fact, they have eked an existence as Zombies of the energy world as the fundamental mechanism destroying them was not American shale but free markets.