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Stop – for a minute. Here, at this place I used to swamp you with pages over pages of information about me and my life and how that makes me a better fit with your objectives. But thats not really important – not to you at least.


Because much of what has happened in my past is irrelevant to what you are about to accomplish. You know what I am talking about?

The question that is nagging your mind for the last couple of years. What the hell is wrong with the energy world? It used to be such a nice and unassuming place where someone could make a living without being bothered by trends, fads and the nutty effects of entrepreneurs trying to move Mount Fuji.

The energy mass market is dead. Centralized power production is dead. Large scale refineries are dead and yes, your LNG megatrain does not make a hell of a lot of sense in this new, flexi world.

Welcome to the world of the weird. In this world it does not matter to you what I did in the past but much more what I am able to do for you right now, in this very moment.

For most of you, I am a weirdo preaching a strange gospel. If you are in this category I have a word of advice. Stay away as you might get infected.

Mark my words – big energy today is going to share the fate of big IT in the Seventies. They are going to die as dinosaurs must – and their carcasses will be dovoured from the inside out by new, lean, mean, aggressive energy entrepreneurs – most of them not even born yet. At least in a corporate sense. In 2030, the world you know today will only exist as a simulation you can look at in a museum. And it will be for the better of us.

For those building the future – you have my attention as its you who will be the gate keepers of Methanopolis.

Wanna know about Methanopolis. Read my teaser post.

Really wanna see the data. Go to my Linkedin profile.

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