Origins of the pitbull

I am a stone hard LNG enthusiast but that shall not lead anyone to believe that I will condone and project just because the 3 letters are printed all over.


Everything that’s real hot (or cool to use a much more appropriate term in this case) attracts the which-doctors and snake-oil sellers. They are an insult to those who take the matter serious as I do. In 2009 at an LNG event I got into a heated discussion with a group of FLNG enthusiasts. I took their business rationale apart bite by bite as it did not stand up to the tests of “got to make money some time”.

For the business dinner on the same evening I was invited to one of the VIP tables and during the ensuing discusson I was likened to a pitbull in a fight.

OK, let’s come clean about the PitBull issue right now.

I must be the only energy man with a dog on his business card. It’s a popular thing that everyone wants as soon as I start giving them out. But people still wonder and do the WHY thing. Why a dog?

Well, why not? I have not really invented the name but I admit that I have adopted it as soon as I was called the “LNG Pitbull” some years ago at an event. I found it fitting as I am really up in arms against bad projects, bad practice and bad management wherever I find it.

When it comes to LNG, I am even more appalled. Because I care about it as it is the solutions to many of our probl….. oh, I sure have said this already somewhere else. Being passionate about something sometimes makes me spill over.

And I must also admit that there is a lot of a PitBull in me in life as PitBull’s are cuddly and nice beings if their owner lets them. I had a PitBull once and showed him that being nice to everyone is what I wanted. He was the most inoffensive, nicest, cuddliest and obnoxious being I remember on this planet.

I will be nice to you as I will tell you the truth and will not assume that you are stupid by hypocrite friendliness. Just like a friend should, I will not waste your time with blather but come straight to the point, especially if you don’t like it. And I will be good for your health as I will remove the sugarcoating from difficult topics and be blunt.

I will give you what you need but only if you want that. If you prefer to live on in the unassuming, apparently safe and simple world most of everyone tries to sell you, don’t work with me. I can’t do it. I tried it and it made me throw up.

I would rather have a good argument and no business with you than sell you some crap just because I can. Really helping people matters to me. Giving you lies in order to protect your fragile ego would not help. It just prolongs the pain and makes your problems snowball.

A real friend will tell you the truth, especially when it hurts. If this is what you are looking for – then welcome to my world. You will be just alright.

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