Clean Energy

The unholy alliance

In September 1815, 3 leading powers of the 19th century Europe signed a document that gave birth of the so-called holy alliance. At the behest…

Forget hydrogen – here comes biomethane

Hydrogen is often being touted the final solution to all our problems with vehicles and pollution. It does not produce CO2 (at least not directly) and for that fact alone its the darling of the tree huggers. But reality – as so very often – is much more complex. On balance hydrogen is not really the stuff you want in your tank and it comes at a very heavy price.

Why shale is good for mankind but bad for the US

But America needs to fix its addiction to easy money and the current crisis could have been the best thing happening to the country in a long while for its curative properties. Its going to be bluntet by the shale gas boom as this puts new easy money at the fingertips of politicians.

The Lala-land factor and how greens exploit it

The late 1970ies saw the rise of various green political movements in Europe. Today they are a fundamental feature of any European parliament. Ever since, they were known as those who would fight for Mother Nature and on the side for progressive politics. Do they?

Whats so natural on natural gas – a contrasting juxtaposition

From 2005 until now I had a lot of time to learn about the different sources of gas feedstock for pipelines and LNG liquefaction plants. But something strange occurred to me. Why the hell do we call Earth crust derived methane Natural Gas and treat everything else as some other form of the same molecular mix.