Energy Future

Something is lurking beneath those waves

Methane Hydrates are known to the world as burning ice. It is an oddity to the energy industry and easily shrugged off but they are more imminent than many executives like to think. The LNG projects under construction today will bear its scars.

LNG is cold (when it should be cool)

It’s incredible how misunderstood Natural Gas and especially LNG is by the general public. It’s the solution to many of our problems (at least energy wise) and still it has a bad name. That’s a shame as this stuff is so incredibly cool, it would have to be invented if it did not exist already.

Caribbean LNG – the steel pan paradigm

The Caribbean would be the perfect region for LNGification. It has not happened yet which is a shame as the immaculate pearl it evokes in our phantasies has been tarnished. But things are about to change, very dramatically so.

Beating the megatrains – the nimble revolution

LNG has been a history of ever larger liquefaction trains. It all culminated in the construction of the Qatari supertrains. One of those monsters is able to satisfy the needs of more than the entire gas consumption of a small country such as Austria. But do they make economic sense?

Behold the future and marvel

The future of energy will not be the linear continuation of the past. It will be a wild, twisted and contorted process and man, will it be exciting. The world will look very different from now 20 years down the road.

The tone here

LNG has a mystery reputation. This is undeserved. This blog is here to shed light on some of the issues. Many points are mere opinions….