Energy Basics

Whats so natural on natural gas – a contrasting juxtaposition

From 2005 until now I had a lot of time to learn about the different sources of gas feedstock for pipelines and LNG liquefaction plants. But something strange occurred to me. Why the hell do we call Earth crust derived methane Natural Gas and treat everything else as some other form of the same molecular mix.

LNG in the Black Sea – a pipedream?

The Ukraine has a LNG problem. It’s a major blunder and it looks like LNG in the region is doomed. As strange as it sounds, there might be a bright future for LNG in the Black Sea still.

The power of pain – LNG newbies in trouble

New LNG capacity owners find themselves in excruciating economic pain. They have only themselves to blame but this crazy situation might hold the seeds for them, to become the superstars of the gas age. Or else they die.

The tone here

LNG has a mystery reputation. This is undeserved. This blog is here to shed light on some of the issues. Many points are mere opinions….