Gas pricing

OPEC’s catch 22

This is not my first post on the current oil price dilemma and I have a hunch that there will be more to come in…

European Natural Gas prices – where are we headed

European natural gas prices are a shambles. The ones say that one can’t make a living under those conditions as the price is to low for comfort.
The others say that it’s to high for gas to be competitive. Who is right? An off the beaten path analysis.

A couple of things were conveniently forgotten by those driving the portfolios. First gravity – everything that goes up eventually will come down. European energy utilities and gas traders deluded themselves into believing that the Bonanza would be never ending.

LNG in the Black Sea – a pipedream?

The Ukraine has a LNG problem. It’s a major blunder and it looks like LNG in the region is doomed. As strange as it sounds, there might be a bright future for LNG in the Black Sea still.

Gas price formulas and the Big Mac Index

Oil price links are finally coming to an end in Europe. In fact, they have eked an existence as Zombies of the energy world as the fundamental mechanism destroying them was not American shale but free markets.

LNG supply for Asia – fighting the Hydra

New Asian LNG buyers (outside the JKT and China) have a problem. They are perceived to be in the “I will pay any price for LNG” club by sellers. Many of them face vastly different situations from each other in their home markets. Not an enviable position but one that can be dealt with.