Shale gas

How about lunar strawberries?

Humanity is capable of astonishing feats from making atoms visible to landing probes on saturnian moons. In business though, there are limits of what should be done – or not.

The unholy alliance

In September 1815, 3 leading powers of the 19th century Europe signed a document that gave birth of the so-called holy alliance. At the behest…

Why shale is good for mankind but bad for the US

But America needs to fix its addiction to easy money and the current crisis could have been the best thing happening to the country in a long while for its curative properties. Its going to be bluntet by the shale gas boom as this puts new easy money at the fingertips of politicians.

America is the new energy El Dorado – what about Europe now?

America rapidly transforms from the energy problem child to become the new el Dorado. The economy is pimped by all the investment going the other side of the Atlantic. The population is blessed with much cheaper fuel and lets not forget – the environment does better than any time after World War 2. Why cant we have that in Europe?

Something is lurking beneath those waves

Methane Hydrates are known to the world as burning ice. It is an oddity to the energy industry and easily shrugged off but they are more imminent than many executives like to think. The LNG projects under construction today will bear its scars.

Why shale gas is great news for LNG

Shale looks like LNG’s nemesis – on the surface at least. Look harder. It sure killed THE big hope of the LNG world – namely the prospect of the US becoming a premium LNG buyer. But this also has jump started LNG as a fuel.

The China LNG story – more toxic than the US story was

The US seems to be on the verge of becoming an LNG exporter. This, combined with new volumes from Australia, show the prospect of Asia being drowned in LNG. But there is a shiny white knight on the horizon. China with its ever-growing industries, with its endlessly expanding consumer markets, with its insatiable thirst for energy promises to become the new LNG El Dorado.